Fact-checking policy

a) No matter how big or small, Blogsinmedia.com is committed to presenting accurate information in all of its articles. To ensure accuracy, we take several steps, such as scrutinizing claims with a critical eye, disputing assumptions, and challenging received wisdom.

b) We pledge to ensure that every output is accurate to the required degree. This dedication is essential to maintaining our brand and audiences’ trust. The word “due” implies that the accuracy must be sufficient and acceptable for the output, considering the topic and content’s nature, and clearly stating or emphasizing any limitations that might affect those expectations.

c) This means all our output, as appropriate to its content and nature, must be well-sourced, based on available evidence, and corroborated. We strive to be honest and open about what we don’t know and avoid unfounded speculation.

d) Our journalists never plagiarize deliberately or distort facts or context, including visual information knowingly.

e) We seek independent verification from sources to confirm claims, information, allegation, especially those made by public officials or anyone with an agenda beyond merely reporting the truth. Claims, allegations, material facts and other content that cannot be corroborated is normally be attributed.

d) Blogsinmedia maintains the accuracy of the information it publishes and stands by it. We promptly update the news item/information if found incorrect. We don’t purposefully or significantly mislead our audiences. We don’t portray made-up information as truth or falsify facts in order to damage our listeners’ confidence in our work. Serious factual errors are acknowledged, and they are promptly, explicitly, and appropriately corrected.

e) We provide a fair opportunity for the public to report any inaccuracies or errors in our reportage via ‘Suggest A Correction’ section that appears at the end of every web-story that is published.

f) Our journalists’ primary responsibility is reporting, writing, and fact-checking stories. Stories are subject to review by one or more editors. The Blogsinmedia has a multi-level fact-checking structure for stories that require due diligence. The seniority of editors who review a story prior to publication varies on a range of factors, including complexity, sensitivity, and the pressure of time.

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